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The First Appointment or Assessment

When talking about personal difficulties we recognise the importance of feeling comfortable with someone who will understand and respond in a way which will help you to understand how you feel and make sense of feelings.

With this in mind, we offer an initial appointment or an ‘assessment’ appointment which will allow you to meet with a therapist and talk about the difficulties troubling you. This will give you a sense as to whether you feel therapy with this therapist could be helpful. It will also allow the therapist to get a picture of you.

At the end of the appointment, it will be suggested that you have a think about the session and what has been discussed. The therapist will give you her/his contact details and an information sheet detailing her/his working practices which will include the process around contact, cancellations and times.

You can then make contact with the therapist and arrange some ongoing appointments should you feel it was beneficial and you would like to begin therapy.

What does therapy involve?

Counselling and psychotherapy is a very personal process and what happens in your therapy will be unique to you. However, there are some generally accepted practices;

Each session lasts for 50 minutes

You will meet your therapist on the same day and at the same time each week, although this can be more often depending on you and your therapy.

The number of counselling or psychotherapy sessions can vary depending on you and how much of yourself you wish to explore. So from a few sessions to several sessions which can span over many months.

During the sessions you will be encouraged to talk as freely as you can about the things that are worrying you, your feelings, experiences, memories, dreams, fantasies and wishes. Your therapist will listen carefully to what you say and how you say it and will at times feed back his/her understanding to you.

Through the relationship with your therapist and the explorations of your feelings and your life, you can gain a greater insight into the contributing factors to your current difficulties, put into words, and come to terms with, past experiences and losses and generally feel understood and listened to.

This will allow you to increase your choices in your life, find your own voice and use your potential more fully.

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