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Fees and Referrals. Cherry Desk

Fees and Referrals


The fees we charge reflect the qualification and experience of our therapists and can range from;

Sessions for Individuals

£25 to £60 per session

CBT ranges from £60 to £80 per session.

Our most experienced and accredited therapists charge from £45 - £60 (this includes psychosexual therapy)

Sessions for Couples

£65 - £75 for a couple therapist who is accredited and has many years of experience.

Therapy with Student Therapists

We have students on placement who are in their last year of study. They are required to see clients as part of their qualifying for £10.00 per session. They are mature students who have had other careers often in the health service or mental health or social care and have changed careers and are finishing their training to be a counsellor or psychotherapist. They are supervised by one of our experienced therapists on a weekly basis to ensure a high standard of care and are usually in their last year of training before qualifying.

* Please feel free to enquire about our fees.


Anyone can contact the Turner Centre to arrange an initial appointment for themselves.

We do also take referrals from GPs, psychiatrists, social workers, specialist consultants, private industry, solicitors, insurance company's and other healthcare organisations and private healthcare.

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